Comunicación Anual de Progreso - Reporte de RSE



Educational Program

MetroBank maintains a strong commitment to education and Panamanian children.


Induction Day
In search of proper communication, integration and adaptation of personnel entering the organization, a three day induction process is held where key elements like culture, mission, vision, values, processes, social responsibility programs and other general and specific topics are handled before placing them in their specific jobs.



Educational Bonuses for coworker’s children
Children who participate for this benefit must maintain a 4.0 GPA in their report cards and reflect good conduct and ethical behavior.



USMA and MetroBank Student Agreement
Las month a student agreement was signed between MetroBank and The Universidad Santa Maria La Antigua which reaffirms our commitment to provide better educational opportunities and self improvement to the young groups in our community.


International Women’s Day
All of MetroBank’s female staff participated in valuable conferences with interesting topics commemorating the International Women’s Day.



Image Workshop in Aldeas Infantiles S.O.S.
In the celebration of the Good Deed Day, MetroBank offered an image workshop for the adolescents that accompanied us during our visit to Aldeas Infantiles S.O.S. in order to promote personal care and strengthen self-esteem in the young ladies.



Financial Strategy conferences for our Customers
MetroBank, as a socially responsible corporation, offered its customers a conference on “Family Dynasties, Legacies and Wealth” issued by Raul Serebrenik who is a known expert and family business advisor. He offered the current financial strategies that will help turn family businesses into dynasties.

Through events like this one, MetroBank contributes to the transfer of legacy from generation to generation, positively affecting the personal and collective financial success of all who deposit their trust in MetroBank.



Financial Education to MetroBank Staff
With the objective that our employees learn to maintain a healthy budget and a correct management of their finances, we offer MetroBank’s employees handy tips regarding the correct use of credit, tools for making a personal or family budget, advantages and disadvantages of credit, and much more through a conference called Finances Under Control dictates bye the APC.



College Studies Support
Committed to the education of out staff, we offer all our staff scholarships that cover 50% of the expenses in order to a Degree, Masters or PhD.



Physical and Bank Safety Training
The safety and wellbeing of our staff is a very important commitment, this is why MetroBank, in alliance with the Policia Nacional, during 2014 provided trainings in Physical and Bank safety to all our staff where they talked about they security measures the bank has. Also, members of the public force instructed the participants on procedures that need to be done during high risk situations that can happen in our personal life or in the work place.



Strengthen the knowledge, skills and abilities of our staff is one of our most important commitments, which is why we offer continuous seminars to all our staff. These seminars depend on the area in which they work in the Bank.




School Textbook donation to UTIVE
MetroBank maintains their support to the Primary School of Utive located in the city of Pacora, where we donated textbooks for the use of the students and the professors.




Support to the Comprehensive Care Center of Casa Esperanza in David
In compliance with our support for the Comprehensive Care Center of Casa Esperanza in David, our colleagues of the David Branch visited the center where they shared a beautiful morning with the children of this important center and made formal delivery of textbooks and school supplies.



Kindergarden Tour through Bank Facilities
Metrobank received the children belonging to the "Bears" Class of Jardin de Niños Kindergarten. They were taken on a tour of the Bank facilities to understand the how the Bank functions and learn even more about the habit of saving. During the visit, the children were able to move to the checkout area where they filled and sealed deposit slips, visited the vault and then visited the area where the servers were explained the importance and server operations; ending the tour with a breakfast in the Conference Room and an interesting talk about the importance of saving. When leaving they received a moneybox with a startup capital for each.

Financial Education Program
As a financial institution it is our interest to contribute to the development and training of young people in our country. MetroBank participates in the Financial Education Program organized by the Banking Association of Panama through which MetroBanks staff will give talks to young students from Metropolitan Area Colleges. This important program launched on March and we will participate actively throughout 2014.


Cultural program

Our commitment is to promote culture among our employees and their families.

Theatre and Culture
MetroBank organized a family night where bank staff and directors enjoyed with their families a beautiful play, promoting and strengthening the love of theater, dance and culture.


Journey through the Canal Museum
On the occasion of the celebration of 100 years of the Panama Canal, MetroBank offered a visit to the Panama Canal Museum for their employees to enjoy this journey with their families.


Father’s Day
In celebration of Father's Day, all the male staff was entertained with a toast where they were entertained with one of the most important football games in the FIFA World Cup 2014.


National Day
The MetroBank family commemorates Panamanian customs and traditions during the month of November, offering a national breakfast to all the team who attended their duties wearing traditional dress.


Health Program

Concerned about the welfare of our employees, their families and Panamanian children we promote health care activities for them.

HIV Prevention Campaign
MetroBank, as a socially responsible company committed to health of its employees, participated in the campaign of non-discrimination and HIV Prevention called #InformateMás organized by PROBISIDA.




An annual two-day health fair is organized; where health care professionals monitor blood pressure, apply vaccines, healthy eating workshops, eye examinations thanks to our corporate partnership with Lopez Optics, among other activities.


In order to combat sedentary lifestyles and individuality, different sports tournaments are organized and provide opportunities for integration and coexistance which in turn promote healthy habits such as physical activity and good relationships.


A Rose Request
In support of cancer prevention campaign, employees of Metrobank lit Chinese lanterns in the request for a world free of cancer during the “Una Peticion Rosa” organized by Fundacáncer.



Campaign Support Against Prostate and Breast Cancer
During the celebration of the pink and blue ribbon month, MetroBank employees attended their labors identified with the colors of the campaign to prevent breast and prostate cancer.


FANLYC Support
Identified with the noble mission the FANLYC has, and to raise the awareness of the Panamanian society with regard to cancer prevention, we participated in the Relay for Life walk, in which MetroBank colleagues performed a journey of 100 laps donating $ 5.00 for each to support our goddaughter Karen who has suffered 5 years from a Retinoblastoma in the left eye. We invited her to a tour of the bank facilities where she received gifts the bank employees.


Teleton 20-30 Support
Identified for the purpose of the Teleton 20-30, organized every year by the Active 20-30 Club, our employees organized various activities in order to collect an annual amount of donation, which is doubled by the bank at the end contribution to this noble cause.


Manufacture of Lenses for Utive’s Primary School Children
In partnership with Optica Lopez, MetroBank improved the quality of life of children of primary school located in Pacora Utivé.


Environment Programme

MetroBank Financial Group through the year develops recycling and reforestation workshops in order for everyone in the organization commit to actions that help us care and protect our natural resources.


Reforestation of Ciudad del Niño

Provide maintenance for hundreds of trees planted by bank employees in 2012.


Internal Recycling Program
Seeks to raise awareness among employees about the importance of protecting and preserving natural resources for the sustainability of the planet. This is done by performing different collection days of recyclable materials and generating awareness through communication.


Collaboration with the community

We support throughout the year various programs and institutions that provide the Panamanian children a chance at a better life, for we are convinced that this is one of the ways gain sufficient assurance to increase knowledge and strengthen the Panamanian education which will undoubtedly result a better Panama for all.


Patronato de Panamá Viejo


Casita de Mausi


Olimpiadas Especiales


Instituto Alberto Einstein


Fundación Valórate

 instituto alberto einstein

Universidad Santa María La Antigua

 fundacion soriasis

Fundación Psoriasis de Panamá

 as proninez panamena foto

Asociación Pro Niñez Panameña

Ethics and Transparency

capacitacionparaevitarfraudeIn MetroBank we promote the culture of transparency; As a socially responsible organization we annually present our employees, shareholders and the board our COP Annual Progress Report and financial results; as well as monitoring and enforcement of the strategic plan and goals of each vice president.

It is vital for top management internal communication, to ensure this is carried out breakfast where staff freshmen have the opportunity to share and express their experiences to the CEO, who in turn have the opportunity to reinforce on the importance of internal communication, objectives, mission and vision of the bank as well as the goals and expectations of each new member of the organization.

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Integration Workshop Metrobank Employees
Metrobank, as a socially responsible and committed to their employees, aware that its main asset is its employees and the best strategies for the growth of the company are built on good communication and good interpersonal relations, held a day of integration for all its partners in order to strengthen the organizational culture of excellence and trust.