In essence, the trust is no more than leaving a good assigned to be used in the future. This tool proves to be useful in the commercial environment, and MetroBank knows this, so it offers the following related products:

  • Management Trust
    The Bank manages the goods for you, providing a professional, trusting and efficient service.
  • Investment Trust
    Obtain attractive returns on your investments through our consulting services and experience.
  • Guaranteed Trust
    Back up the compliance of your debtors through the guaranteed trust, thus avoiding having to go through the necessary legal procedures in the case of non-compliance.
  • Estate Planning Trust
    This trust has the experience, the backup, and the required to plan the future of your estate, guaranteeing that your will, be carried out under any circumstance, in benefit of your families and loved ones.
  • Solidity
    Their requirements are important from the first one to the last day of the contract, and therefore they deserve to be taken care of by a bank with tradition of solidity and leadership.
  • Flexibility
    The trust of MetroBank adjusts in accordance with its needs.
  • Efficient Management
    Ours enabled work party it maintains a commitment on watch with the clients, according to the terms and conditions of the contract.

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