Agility and dynamism are two qualities that characterize a successful business. MetroBank Corporate Visa is the optimal tool for making easier the lives of you and your business, helping you to comfortably control and organize your commercial expenses.

Among the practical benefits of the MetroBank Corporate card are the following:

  • Special reports for expense control.
  • Affiliation to MetroBank’s Point Program, in which for every (US$1.00) dollar spent on the purchase of goods and services, you will receive one (1) point.
  • Online Banking
    - Facilitates making payments and transfers from your card.
    - Transactions are shown immediately.
  • Variety in the limits assigned to additional cards.
  • International acceptance and backed up by the VISA brand.
  • Ability to withdraw cash from anywhere in the world through the PLUS network of automated teller and machines (ATM'S)
  • Accidental travel insurance when the ticket is purchased with the card.
  • Car Rental insurance only in the United States and Canada.
  • Application signed by the Legal Representative of the company
  • Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
  • Corporate Resolution in which:
    • The application for the Corporate Card is authorized
    • The person who will be the main card holder is authorized, along with the additional cards and their assigned limits
    • Contact person in the company regarding the account
  • Copy of the Panamanian identification document (cedula) or passport of the Legal Representative and card holders
  • Financial statements to date
  • Copy of the last 2 income tax returns
Main membership $105.00
Additional Membership $78.75
Interest rate for purchases 11.00%
Fraud insurance $4.20 to $ 10,000
$6.30 to $25,000
$8.40 to $50,000
Life insurance N/A
Cut-off date Last day of each month
Payment date 25th day of each month
Minimum payment 20% of balance, minimum $100.00
Financing Plan 12 months
Late payment fee $31.50
Fee for Cash advance and Quasi-Cash

for withdrawals less than $100.00.

5.25% of the amount
on withdrawals over $100.00

FECI 1% of balances greater than $5,000.00

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