The Clave system is the banking network of Panama that abroad gives to access to Key Automatic Tellers in all the country and with the emblem Extra him. It allows him in addition to carry out purchases in the commerce and to pay accounts of services.

MetroBank offers its clients the possibility of carrying out transactions through your clave network, 24 hours a day, with your Clave card from MetroBank. With our Clave card you will also have access to the international networks VISA/PLUS and MASTERCARD/CIRRUS.

In our Automatic tellers you can realise:

  • Retirements of Accounts of Saving and Current Accounts.
  • MetroBank Clave Card.
  • Consultations of balances to Current Accounts of Saving and Accounts.
  • To realise transferences of Bottoms between accounts.
  • To realise payments to accounts of EDEMET EDECHI and ELECTRA NORESTE.
  • Payments to Accounts of CABLE & WIRELESS.
  • Payments to Accounts of I.D.A.A.N.
  • Donations.
  • Card purchases Pre-payment of Cellular (Cell Xpress and Más Móvil).
  • Payments in commerce affiliates using its Key Card MetroBank like a card of debit by means of the entrance of the PIN in the points of sale P.O.S.

For its security, we recommended to him to follow the following instructions:

  • To memorise the number of secret PIN of its KEY card, does not write it in its card.
  • It does not allow that nobody sees when marks to its PIN nor the transactions that realise.
  • It signs in the space reserved for such aim, in the reverse one of the card it receives as soon as it.
  • It does not introduce its KEY card in the tellers affiliates to the different networks when these indicate to be out of service.
  • When realising purchases, control that the amount of the same agrees with consigando by the retailer.
  • It conserves its proof. It is important to make reclamations later. If it decides to reject it, destrúyalo completely.
  • In case of robbery or deviation of its notifíquenos KEY card MetroBank immediately on any telephone of nuetras offices.

We count on automatic tellers in MetroBank Branch, S.A. Los Angeles, Machetazo blow of Calidonia and Torre MetroBank Pacific End.

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