In a country which is world renowned for its variety of banking services, MetroBank has established itself as a solid option, committed to personalized service to its national and international clients.

Founded in 1991, MetroBank offers a complete product platform in the areas of Private and Corporate banking fulfilling all the needs of its demanding clientele. Short and medium term financing, both in the corporate as well as in the private sector, are some of MetroBank’s strengths, allowing it to help its clients and companies reach their goals and dreams.

All of MetroBank’s staff have the needs of its clients as a main priority, offering courteous and personalized treatment with your satisfaction in mind. The Bank also has a first-world technological infrastructure, which guarantees a complete and effective service at all times. These values, together with a paid capital of over 50 million US$ Dollars, turn MetroBank in an ideal option for fulfilling any banking need which the client could require.

The Bank oversees its operations from its corporate office in MetroBank Tower, located in Punta Pacifica, and has branch offices to service the public in the Metropolitan area of Panama City and in the Colon Free Zone

Customer Service

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