General Management
Executive Vice-President and General Manager
Ernesto A. Boyd Jr.
Corporate and Commercial Credit
Corporate Credit and Commercial Vice-President
Victor Viggiano Guardia
Corporate and Commercial Credit Assistant Vice-President
Enrique Real
Corporate and Commercial Credit Assistant Vice-President
Alfonso Wong
Corporate Credit Assistant Vice-President
Colon Free Zone branch
Julio Camaño
Corporate Credit Assistant Vice-President
El Dorado branch
Javier Jimenez
Corporate Credit Assistant Vice-President
David branch
Manuel González-Revilla
Credit Manager
Orlando Filós
Credit Manager
Lil Patricia Vásquez
Credit Manager
Giacomo Tamburrelli
Credit Manager
Silvia Saldaña
Credito Manager (Leasing)
Carmen Barraza
Credit Manager - Colon Free Zone branch
Octavio Estrada
Credit Manager - David branch
César Pittí
Private Banking
Private Banking Vice President
Helmy Chamorro
Private Banking Manager
Diana Cedeño
Customer Service Manager
Kenia Melais
Technology and New Businesses
Technology and New Businesses Vice-President
Gustavo García de Paredes
Card and New Businesses Assistant Vice-President
Lisbeth Emiliani
Tecnology Assistant Vice-President
José M. Fossatti
Card Center Operations Manager
Doris Castillo
Telecomunications and Security Systems Manager
Joel Guerra
Information Systems Manager
Cecibel Sanjur
Banking Operations
Vice President of Rules, Operations and Treasury
Rolando J. de León de Alba
Administration and Credit Control Assistant Vice-President
Julio Chandeck
Operations Manager
Carmen Jaén
Correspondent Manager
Jennifer Zerna
Administration and Credit Control Manager
Walkiria Cedeño
Human Resources
Human Resources Assistant Vice-President
Seegry J. de Glasscock
Finance and Accounting
Administration and Finance Vice-President
Lai Chan
Finance Manager
Alfredo Avecilla
Administration Manager
Ricardo Martínez
Accounting and Finance Control Manager
Mitchelle Goti
Risk Manager Mónica Cameron
Compliance Manager
Nitzia Moreno
Intern Audi
Intern Audit Manager Ana María Lyne

Customer Service

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